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Angel McCabe is the best massage therapist I ever have sought for treatment.  Her healing touch suspended for days the chronic pain I have suffered.  Before starting treatment, she asked good questions about my physical symptoms and preferences for various levels of massage.  Then she gently coached me on relaxation techniques, and clearly explained each step of treatment. At the conclusion of our session, she recommended healing strategies I can use on my own between massage therapy visits.


Angel's massage in her serene environment at 29 Degrees of Gung Fu Dojo truly is rehabilitating.  She provides therapy that relieves pain in a way that conventional physical therapy does not.   Angel McCabe is professional, warm, and welcoming; and offers the highest level of treatment to restore well being!

Mayo Ochiltree, Seattle, WA            



Angel McCabe is absolutely the best massage therapist I have ever experienced.  Before beginning the massage, she seeks to understand her client by asking pertinent questions about health issues and painful areas.  She custom designs each massage so that it is tailored to the individual.  The massages are extremely relaxing as well as therapeutic, relieving the pain in sore joints and muscles.  She is patient, kind, and thoroughly professional.  She offers excellent suggestions for staying pain-free in between massages. 
Angel works from her Dojo, 29 Degrees, which offers a calm environment in a central location.  And her prices are unbelievably reasonable, given her healing touch and experience.  Give her a try, and you will not be disappointed!

Dr. Margaret Summers, Commerce City

Angel gave me my first massage.  I could not believe the improvement in my back pain, migraines and sleep.  I have been to other therapists while traveling and none of them compare.  Her experience and professionalism are unmatched.  I was shy at first and she made the experience so comfortable and pleasant.  I would recommend Angel to anyone looking to improve their health and daily sense of well-being.

-Nichole Turner, Arkansas

Best Massage Therapist.  Ever.  Hands down.

-Nathan Cocai, Denver

Angel is the only massage therapist I will see.  Her knowledge is so extensive and her prices are amazingly low.  She is so dedicated to her profession and that passion is passed on through her expertise, compassion and focus.  Regular massages with Angel have eliminated my pain and given me clarity of mind and mental health.  She has given me my full life back.  You are truly a "Miracle Worker". Thank you, Angel!

-Teresa Bedwell, Lakewood 

As a victim from a car crash, Drs nor Chiropracters gave me any relief from my neck injury.  I was certain I was going to spend the rest of my life in this discomfort and pain.  Until a friend recommended Angel McCabe.  Hesitant after everything I'd been through, I decided to call her out of desperation to get rid of the pain in my neck and back and get back to work. After two sessions I was pain free and back to a comfortable life.  Thank you, Angel.  There really is an art in what you do.

- Rob McLaughlin, Denver

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