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Life Can Be Stressful.  Your Massage Shouldn't Be.

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Angle McCabe is a Master-Level Licensed Certified Massage Therapist with over 20 years experience in the field.

She has worked with hundreds of clients in a wide range of modalities, making her a rarity in today's world of therapists.

I believe that massage therapy should be affordable to every person.  It is that important. 

It should be accessible, convenient, personalized and regarded with the same seriousness as any other aspect of health care. 

I know what kind of massage I want and what things hinder a quality massage.  Clinics that have therapists massage back to back are missing a fundamental point; if the therapist is not healthy and relaxed how can they help their clients achieve it?  If the client is stressed about the cost of the massage, how can they harness the full benefit of healing and relaxation?

There is nothing more rewarding than receiving the gentle art of massage by a therapist who puts not only their hands into their work, but their heart and soul.  

Life is stressful.  Your massage shouldn't be.

- Angel McCabe, Massage Therapist at 29 Degrees

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